English Rambling

What will happen tomorrow?

Here are few scenarios for 21.12.2012 judgment day tomorrow. Be prepared!

20.12.2012 aliens are hiding on the dark side of the moon.
21.12.2012 the invasion begins.

20.12.2012 humans from earth’s alternate universe cross to our side.
21.12.2012 the war begins.

20.12.2012 all planets in our solar system are in one alignment.
21.12.2012 prepare for the greatest quake of all time.

20.12.2012 warriors of Atlantis are making final preparation.
21.12.2012 war between homo sapiens and atlanteans begins.

20.12.3012 humans from future earth are desperate from lack of natural resources.
21.12.2012 attack from the future begins.

20.12.2012 creatures from demon realm are opening portals to our world.
21.12.2012 battle between good and evil starts.

20.12.2012 rise of earth’s giant elementals: earth, wind, fire, and water.
21.12.2012 and we’re trapped in the middle of their war.

20.12.2012 a biological virus is injected to several humans in different cities.
21.12.2012 zombie apocalypse begins.

Hai kamu yang…